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Boost Collagen Production and Build your Lining with Organic Bone Broth

This month we’re covering strategies for improving fertility and reproductive health. Check out the first article in our series on Bone Broth and why you should indulge this beautiful Fall Season.

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Can Medititation Improve Fertility?

YES! And probably for more reasons than you would think. The most obvious is stress reduction. Today, we lead very stressful lives, whether it comes from the busyness of our work, family life or the nonstop mental chatter we have going on in the background. The added pressure from the roller coaster of trying to get pregnant (or being pregnant for that matter) can lead to even greater stress. What you might not realize is that all this stress can produce prolactin, cortisol and other hormones that affect progesterone production and can interfere with or even prevent ovulation. In addition, every time our nervous system goes into fight or flight mode it sends blood away from the core to the extremities to prepare for “flight”. This disrupts blood flow to the uterus and can negatively affect the uterine lining making it more difficult for an embryo to implant, grow, and thrive.

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Coffee Talk

If you love coffee like I do, then you may want to pay attention...
I love the stuff! The smell, the taste, everything. I used to watch my parents and grandparents wake sleepily, pad toward the kitchen to grind the beans and fill the pot with water, and flip the switch; the house would fill with a earthy, familiar aroma. It was a morning ritual that, as I grew up, I continued.

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Spring Cleaning

Spring is here! For many of us it’s a time we think about renewal and growth. It’s a wonderful time for clearing out old stuff that’s accumulated; both emotional and material junk. Letting go of old grudges is just as important as clearing out the pantry and tossing expired medications. Small shifts can be very rewarding.

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