Friends of TCRA

Recommended REI's & OBGYN's

Shannon Abikhalid, MD at the OB/GYN Group of Austin

Dr. Kimberly Carter

Dr. Sharyar K. Kavoussi at Austin Fertility and Reproductive Medicine

Dr. Paul Magarelli

Dr. Kenneth K. Mogadahm at Austin Fertility Institute

Reproductive Medicine Associates of Texas

Dr. Marco Uribe at Austin Area Obstetrics, Gynocology and Fertility


Laurie Aroch, Registered Pharmacist, CCN at People's Pharmacy   


512 Skincare, Specialty Skin Care Studio

Tierney Bowman, LMT

Erin Madden, Personal Trainer at East End Fitness

Charlotte Westbrook, LMT specializing in Mayan Abdominal Massage


Leena Batra, Ph.D., Integrative Psychotherapy for Women

RESOLVE, The National Fertility Association

Childbirth & Delivery

Jessica Atkins, Midwife

Phyllis Brasenell, Birth Doula at Austin Born

Lanelle Coultas, Doula

Laurie Fremgen, Midwife

Jayme Moore, Midwife


Stephanie Spitzer-Hanks,  Berevement Doula at Austin Born

Parenting and Kiddos

Tiffany Paul, Holistic Parenting Coach

Arden Yingling, Acupuncture for Children

Resources for Out of Towners


Viv Wellness

Acubalance Wellness Centre

American Board of Reproductive Medicine

Conceivable Coach, Misty Reed L.Ac.

Medigogy, Interactive media for health and wellness