Make this cycle your best ever. 

We know in vitro fertilization (IVF) can be a big investment — both financially and emotionally. That's why, over the last 20 years, we've developed a systematic approach to optimising your health and fertility in preparation for IVF. 

Using the best techniques from traditional medicine and the latest research from Reproductive Endocrinology, our program gets you ready for your most successful cycle ever. We coordinate our program around your IVF cycle schedule, and make it easy to get the care you need to complement your OBGYN's or RE's treatments. 

Clinical Director, Kirsten Karchmer, advises Reproductive Endocrinologists across the country on using wellness programs to improve IVF outcomes, and is considered an industry leader in integrative fertility.

Acupuncture has been demonstrated to dramatically improve IVF results. Take a look at our research review below for more information.



Improved chance of conception
Lower incidence of side-effects
Get the support you need
Improved overall IVF experience
Decreased stress
Improved sleep
Improved menstrual cycle

All Packages Include

Complete nutritional counseling
Emotional support
Stress reduction strategies

Mobile app to track progress and provide instant access to menu planning, recipes, and lifestyle recommendations (iOS only)


Doctor Recommended


“The combination of a comprehensive, personalized wellness program— with the best reproductive medicine— provides my patients with the highest probability of conceiving and carrying a baby to full term.”

—Dr. Francisco Arredondo, MD MPH
Fertility Specialist & Reproductive Endocrinologist

"I refer our patients to this program because it has the ability to work in conjunction with reproductive medicine to offer our patients a well-rounded approach to their care. I personally turned to herbal treatment when I was having difficulty conceiving. I believe it was the combination of treatments that helped me achieve pregnancy successfully."

— Dr. Aimee Brown, MD
Fertility Specialist & Reproductive Endocrinologist


Find out how you can improve the odds of success for your next IVF cycle.

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