Post-Natal Care

Motherhood doesn’t come with a handbook, and no one can truly prepare for parenthood without adequate help, knowledge, and guidance. Birth is a wonderful, beautiful experience, but delivery can be painful and even traumatic for some. This is especially true when complications arise or a birth-plan doesn’t follow through as expected.

Many of us forget how important self-care is after birthing a new baby. Regardless of delivery method, mama needs time to rest and heal. That being said, the more support you have, the easier it is to extend your love and vitality to others. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or first-time mother, acupuncture and herbal therapy can help speed up the recovery process and aide in a smoother transition into motherhood. 

Common postpartum discomforts include pain, postpartum depression, anxiety, exhaustion and mental fogginess, incontinence, bladder infections, swelling, lactation pain, and low milk supply. All of these ailments are effectively treated in our clinic using gentle, non-invasive protocols. 

Contact one of our acupuncture specialists to arrange postnatal care and let us help you get back on the fast-track to recovery. 









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