Male Factor Infertility

Did you know that approximately 60% of couples being treated for infertility are dealing with some form of male factor infertility? Did you know that acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) effectively treats several root causes of infertility due to male factor? 

  • Problems with sperm production
  • Issues with sperm transportation
  • Pituitary disease
  • Other unknown causes

We encourage a thorough evaluation of each partner to determine underlying reasons for infertility. For men, evaluations are very cost-effective and the least invasive form of infertility testing. This involves reviewing your health history, a physical exam, and a semen analysis. Often, collection can even happen in the convenience of your own home. Measuring sperm motility, count, and morphology helps create a well-rounded and useful diagnosis.

Once diagnosed, male partners begin treatment at TCRA as a natural, non-invasive way to boost their fertility. After an initial visit with one of our acupuncturists, every man is given an individualized plan for treatment that may include weekly acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and even supplements specified for his needs.

TCM and acupuncture has been a successful reproductive therapy for thousands of years. In the case of male fertility, acupuncture and herbs have been able to increase motility and count, improve morphology, and eliminate infections. Our practitioners are well-versed in reproductive medicine and have experience working with hundreds of families. We are happy to answer questions and concerns and can even provide referrals for medical evaluations.

We understand the stress that falls on couples while dealing with infertility. If any woman purchases a full preconception plan at our clinics, her partner may receive a 50% discount on acupuncture in their male factor treatment plan.


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