Closer to baby. Naturally.

Maybe you're just thinking about getting pregnant, and want to make sure that you (and baby) will be as healthy as possible. Maybe you've been struggling for years, but you're not ready for IVF. If you're like most women, you feel like there's something else you can be doing to improve your chance of having a happy, healthy baby.

You're right.

Conditions like short menstrual cycles, long menstrual cycles, cramping, excessive clotting, and length of bleeding have all been shown to affect your chances of getting and staying pregnant. The good news is that all of these factors are extremely responsive to our customized interventions that include acupuncture, nutrition, herbal supplements, and lifestyle changes. You can become more fertile.

The TCRA Natural Fertility Program focuses on identifying the root of your particular issues, and building a highly customized program to help you become your most fertile self. 

Typically our patients see significant improvement in their menstrual cycles, and basal body temperatures in less than 90 days. Join the thousands of Central Texas women who have already benefited from our highly successful programing.



Improved chance of conception
Decreased time to pregnancy
Regular menstrual cycles
Improved uterine lining
Decreased PMS
Decreased cramping & clotting
Decreased stress
Improved sleep
Better digestion

All Packages Include

Complete nutritional counseling
Emotional support
Stress reduction strategies

Mobile app to track progress and provide instant access to menu planning, recipes, and lifestyle recommendations (iOS only)




I love, love, love TCRA!

“After trying to get pregnant for a year and a half I went to see the folks at TCRA and I was pregnant at age 39 without any other fertility assistance. I now have a beautiful, healthy baby boy”

— Diane D., Austin

If you want to proceed in your battle against infertility in a natural way I would greatly encourage you to seek the help of TCRA.

“I was infertile for 4 years (PCOS and allegedly low sperm count) and became pregnant 3 months into my acupuncture services. What I never expected was I am now pregnant again without acupuncture, without drugs, without even trying!!! An "OOPS A BABY!!!" I never thought that could happen to me!”

— Amanda H., Austin

 I would recommend TCRA to anyone who has experienced a fertility challenge.

"After four years of trying, we were still struggling with infertility. We tried the "high tech" route, with medications, shots, inseminations, IVF and two surgeries, all of which were unsuccessful. After starting at TCRA, we got pregnant naturally.... twice!" 

— Julie R., Laredo


Struggling to get pregnant and don't know why?

We've worked with 1,000's of women just like you. Book your risk free consult now to learn why. It's your best, next step to baby. 

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