Many women on their fertility journey have been told they have poor egg quality. Sometimes a reproductive endocrinologist will tell them their AMH levels are low or their FSH levels are elevated.The terms poor ovarian reserve, advanced maternal age, or premature ovarian failure may also be used. A couple may be given this diagnosis after they have been trying to conceive naturally for a while, or sometimes, after a few failed IVF cycles.

From feelings of deep sadness to lingering guilt, this news often brings up a variety of emotions for those trying their best to have a baby. However, what often isn’t offered when the diagnosis of poor egg quality is handed down is how you can affect it.

While it is impossible to change the specific DNA or genetic material of an egg, there are other significant factors that dictate the health of an egg and what parts of the original DNA actually get expressed. It is indeed possible to improve the health of the eggs even if you have been diagnosed with poor egg quality.

The environment that eggs occupy during their final maturation has a significant impact on their quality at the time of fertilization, and therefore has a strong impact on the health of the developing embryo. The optimal environment includes a healthy blood supply, sufficient oxygen to the tissue, adequate amounts of the most nourishing nutrients, and for the correct hormone signals to be present.

Research has shown:

1)  Eggs that come from a follicle with optimal blood supply and oxygen content have higher fertilization rates.

2) The blood supply to the follicles in older ovaries tends to be reduced, which means these ovaries are not getting adequate oxygen, nutrients, and hormone signals from the blood supply.

3) Acupuncture has the ability to promote the growth of new blood vessels and to specifically increase blood flow to the ovaries.

At TCRA, we utilize acupuncture to increase the blood flow to the ovaries and we use Chinese herbs and nutrition therapy to ensure that the blood supply carries increased levels of oxygen, nutrients, and strong hormone signals.

For more information on how our fertility program can potentially improve your egg quality, please reach out to our fertility specialists today. We look forward to partnering with you to improve your health in order to increase your fertility.


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