Pre-Birth Treatments

Late pregnancy can be a challenging time for many women; a nearly full-term baby can cause multiple strains on the body’s systems. Back and pelvic pain, heartburn, frequent urination, swelling in the feet and ankles, poor sleep, and emotional instability are all common complaints during the last month before birth. In addition to being uncomfortable, this physical and emotional discomfort can cause stress, interfering with the preparation for a smooth and easy labor.

Pre-birth acupuncture is an excellent choice to help minimize all of these issues. Acupuncture in late pregnancy is safe, gentle, and quite effective at treating pain, resolving swelling, and calming the nervous system. According to a study published in the journal Acupuncture in Medicine, 61 pregnant women suffering from low back or pelvic pain found that acupuncture treatment decreased pain by at least half in over 75% of women, whereas only 15% of the control group had any pain improvement.

In addition to helping resolve common pregnancy complaints, pre-birth treatments are an excellent way to prepare the body for labor. Regular weekly acupuncture beginning at week 36 or 37 of pregnancy helps relax the ligaments, encourage the cervix to ripen, and reduce stress. Women who receive acupuncture during the last month of pregnancy tend to go into labor sooner and have shorter, easier births.

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