Bloating and Digestive Concerns

Bloating and other digestive concerns, such as gas, irregular bowel movements, and stomach pain are all common complaints in any population. When working with hormonal health and fertility, they are even more common. Many women experience bloating and digestive irregularity connected to their menstrual cycle, particularly in the week or so before menses start as well as the first day or two of bleeding.

This is typically a result of water retention as well as the influence of estrogen and progesterone on the digestive system. When our liver doesn’t process these hormones as well as it should, symptoms of imbalance occur. In Chinese medicine, the hormones associated with stress are seen as playing a role in this pattern as well. A typical imbalance is called “liver overacting on spleen/stomach,” which can be rephrased in Western terms simply as hormones negatively affecting the digestive system.

For women undergoing assisted reproductive technology (ART) methods such as IUI or IVF, the hormones used to regulate the cycle and stimulate follicle production often result in bloating or other digestive discomfort. While many women feel they have no choice but to tolerate these side effects, acupuncture and Chinese medicine can be a very effective way to minimize the symptoms during an ART cycle.

Whether you experience bloating and digestive issues connected to your menstrual cycle or to fertility treatments, the women’s health specialists at TCRA can help. Regular acupuncture treatments, dietary suggestions, and Chinese herbs (if appropriate), are often all that is needed to decrease bloating and restore comfortable, regular digestive function. Contact our women’s health experts to find out more about how we can provide relief.



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