Our Complete Healthy Pregnancy Program

The Fertility Wellness Programs offered by The Texas Center for Reproductive Acupuncture, include a comprehensive series of Healthy Pregnancy Treatments. While we realize that achieving conception is the first and most important step in overcoming infertility, we also recognize that the ultimate goal of treatment is a healthy live birth. Conception alone is never our ultimate goal, but an important first step on the path to a healthy pregnancy that culminates in a successful live birth.

We are committed to seeing your pregnancy all the way through from conception to postpartum recovery. Once conception is achieved (whether naturally or with the assistance of IVF or IUI), our Healthy Pregnancy Treatments emphasize four things:

  • Preventing Miscarriage
  • Managing Medical Conditions (such as hypertension, nausea, sciatica, and diabetes)
  • Properly Positioning the Fetus (in cases of breech presentation)
  • Reducing Labor Duration and Labor Pain

Pregnancy Care Program

Our pregnancy program ensures a safe, happy, healthy pregnancy and postpartum!

1 treatment a week the first 12 weeks: Maintain pregnancy while easing uncomfortable symptoms of the first trimester, including morning sickness and fatigue.

1 treatment a month the next 5 months: Stay well during pregnancy and relieve stress, backache/sciatic pain, heartburn, sleeplessness, headaches, digestive problems, gestational diabetes, carpal tunnel and other side effects of pregnancy. Women maintaining these treatments report an easier, more comfortable pregnancy!

1 treatment a week for the last 4 weeks before your due date: In the last weeks of your pregnancy, increase blood flow to the uterus, ensure your baby is in optimal head-down position and prepare for a smooth birth. In a study of over 800 women, our Easy Labor series helped 78% of women deliver in ten hours or less.

1 treatment a week for the next 4 weeks after delivery: Balance hormones, establish and maintain necessary milk supply, alleviate postpartum depression and bring balance back to the body. Treatments provide an important opportunity to rest and focus on your needs each week!

Women carrying multiples are recommended to receive more frequent treatment. Your acupuncturist will personally create the plan best suited to your needs!


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