The Most Important Fertility Factors You Can Impact with Acupuncture for Fertility.

 In order to improve your chances of getting pregnant and having  a healthy baby, the embryo, containing half of its chromosomes from the egg and the other half from the sperm, must be genetically sound. If all other conditions are met, there is no reason to expect complications. That said, the majority of miscarriages are due to the embryo being abnormal or aneuploidy.

You can’t help but wonder if the responsible party is the sperm or the egg, but sometimes it’s both. This can even be the case if you’re having a difficult time conceiving. Most of the time, our bodies recognize or fail to communicate with abnormal cells, disallowing them to implant in the first place.

Did you know that 50% of fertility issues are related to sperm quality and male factor issues?

Thousands of people around the world are diagnosed with sperm and egg quality issues every year. In the case for miscarriage, genetic testing confirms presence of a chromosomal problem (such as Down’s or Turner’s syndrome) but it can’t prevent miscarriage from happening again. Miscarriages are traumatic, costly and time-consuming. In the end, what really matters is that you’re giving your egg and sperm the absolute best chance at success.


Reasons you may suspect Egg +/- Sperm Quality Issues:

·       You’re concerned about your or your partner’s age

·       You have low ovarian reserve

·       You’ve been trying forever but you’re just not getting pregnant or you’ve had multiple miscarriages or chemical pregnancies

·       You, or your partner have a hormone imbalance (low testosterone, thyroid problems, FSH, etc.)

·       Having chronic PCOS, endometriosis, hypothyroidism, gynecomastia (in men), or an irregular cycle all indicate hormonal problems and negatively impact both eggs and sperm. These are only several examples.

·       Varicocele, low sperm count, motility, morphology or any other sperm issue

·       High stress and other lifestyle factors (poor diet, drinking, smoking, drug-use, etc.

·       Fever, illness, chemotherapy

·       Exposure to environmental toxins


There are a number of additional factors. Luckily, all can be addressed.

At TCRA, our fertility experts will can help you identify what are the major issues that are impacting your fertility- both from a male and female side and form a comprehensive strategy to improve and support the quality of your eggs and/or sperm. In our clinic, we address underlying hormonal imbalances and other factors that contribute to lowered egg/sperm quality.

Through our herbal line, Conceivable (used by over 300 reproductive acupuncturist across the US), we can significantly improve your egg quality, sperm quality, and regulate your cycle to give you the best chance ever for a happy healthy baby.

 If you’d like to learn more, send us a quick email at or give us a call at (512) 302.5600 and we can discuss your case and explain how we can help to give your eggs/sperm the best chance possible through weekly acupuncture sessions. Consults are completely risk free with no charges up front.