Top 5 Risks of IVF You May Not Know About: BUT SHOULD!

If you are looking for a fertility clinic and thinking about IVF, it is super important that you consider the risks and benefits.  This will help you to determine if the assisted reproductive technology approach is right for you now.  You might consider acupuncture for fertility as an alternative first to ensure that you are in the best health (both mentally and physically) to give yourself the best chance to get pregnant and stay pregnant because avoiding miscarriage is also a critical factor here.

Although IVF holds the “gold standard” for fertility treatment, it’s important to know the risks. Here’s a quick look at the top risks associated with IVF:


·      Birth defects in offspring – The likelihood of birth defects in offspring jump from 0-3% for those conceived naturally, to 3-5% for those gave birth from IVF. Therefore, the chances of birth defects increase by 1.6x, especially in newborn males.

·      Complications with twins or triplets – The health risks associated with the transfer of multiple embryos can skyrocket from 1% to as high as 30%. The chances of twins and triplets being born prematurely is much greater and may result in lower cognitive functions.

·      Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) – The majority of those undergoing IVF receive gonadotropins, which stimulates the ovaries in order to produce a high volume of follicles to store their eggs. Sometimes, overstimulation occurs, which can cause OHSS. The symptoms of OHSS occurs in 1-10% of IVF patients, but younger women or women who have PCOS have a higher risk of contracting OHSS. Symptoms include pain, vomiting, nausea, as well as hospitalization or organ failure.

·      Ovarian Cancer Risks – According to a research study in the UK, women who went through the IVF process had a small, but increased risk of developing ovarian cancer. It is important to note, however, that these were women who already had a pre-existing fertility issue. So, IVF is not linked to causing ovarian cancer, but women who undergo IVF treatment with fertility issues have a slightly higher risk of developing the cancer.

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