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Endometreosis Alleviated By Diet?

Endometriosis is one of the more common, and less commonly diagnosed reproductive issues for women. Although many women have it, few are given an upfront diagnosis. Although all the symptoms may be present, there is no way to determine with any certainty that someone has endometriosis unless a laparoscopy is done. Because a laparoscopy is a surgery, and therefore a risk, they are not generally conducted unless the woman is trying, and having difficulty conceiving.

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Tuning Into Body Intuition

It's likely that in the past week or so, you have been over-inundated by a constant and steady stream of advice, lists (and listicles!?), blogs, and motivational speeches of how to improve your life this year, and make it your best year ever.

There are lists for how to be healthier, happier, or lose weight; for how to find love, make your relationship perfect, be a better parent or lover or friend; how to get the job of your dreams, learn new skills, and be more creative; how to finally gain financial freedom and independence, and, of course, how to do all of these things all at once and live a life of perfect balance...  and, yes, even lists for how to keep your resolutions.

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TTC: Timing To Conceive

It’s a question that I get asked on a weekly basis - “What days should we be trying on?” A recent study from Yale University researchers found that about 60 percent of women thought that they were most fertile in the two days after ovulation. Unfortunately, those women were wrong. So, as it turns out, there’s also a lot of misinformation about when women are at their fertile peak.

Women are most fertile during a 6 day window that ends the day after ovulation. Outside that relatively short window, your chances of falling pregnant are generally lower than 5%.

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Coffee Talk

If you love coffee like I do, then you may want to pay attention...
I love the stuff! The smell, the taste, everything. I used to watch my parents and grandparents wake sleepily, pad toward the kitchen to grind the beans and fill the pot with water, and flip the switch; the house would fill with a earthy, familiar aroma. It was a morning ritual that, as I grew up, I continued.

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10 Ways to Boost Ovulation and Improve Your Chances of Getting Pregnant!

A few people told me they got pregnant after long periods of trying unsuccessfully to do so after following the advice from a book called The Fertility Diet.  So I got curious and have been reading it this week, and thought I’d share with you their top tips.  

The Fertility Diet, by Jeorge E. Chavarro, MD, ScD and Walter C. Willet, MD, DrPH, both professors at Harvard Medical School, presents the results of the Nurses’ Health Study, broken down into their top 10 simple lifestyle and diet changes that can improve your chances of getting pregnant. 

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Why Should I Take Chinese Herbs?

I frequently hear from patients that they are hesitant about taking Chinese herbal formulas, and/or don't understand the benefit of them. Many more people are on board these days with receiving acupuncture treatments, but Chinese herbal medicine is still underutilized in reproductive health. So lets discuss some of the benefits and the safety regarding Chinese herbal formulas.

Why take them?
First of all, the herbs help us, the acupuncturists, make progress faster. We make progress at each treatment towards correcting your diagnosis and improving your overall health, and preparing you for Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) if you are going that route. But your using the Chinese herbal formulas consistently allows us to continue making this progress between appointments. So taking your herbs:

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The Scent of Relaxation

You may have noticed that sometimes we use essential oils during the acupuncture treatments… What are these scents? How do we choose which one to use?

As a fan of these oils over the years I was happy to find them in the treatment rooms. I enjoy sharing them and they enhance my day as well! At home I have used them in many ways: to relax, to concentrate, to uplift my energy and mood, to heal skin, to prevent sickness… overall I just notice I feel better when I have them around! 

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How Can Acupuncture Support My IVF or IUI Cycle?

When people find out that I’m a reproductive acupuncturist, they usually want to know if I only see patients trying to conceive naturally. If you’re already a TCRA patient then you know the answer is no, we treat couples along any and all parts of their fertility journey. If you are  not currently a TCRA patient, then you’re probably reading this because you are curious about using acupuncture to support your upcoming IVF or IUI cycle. We would love to support you during this important time, so lets discuss how acupuncture may help you.

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