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Avoid the Itch! Preventing Poison Ivy

Every summer I seem to end up covered in scores of mosquito bites despite my best efforts; after moving to a new property last year, I added poison ivy rashes to that mix. This year, the poison ivy issue started early, when I tried to clear it from my yard in a bold (rash - ha ha?) decision to eradicate it before I had another miserable summer of looking like a leper. Well, of course, the poison ivy won that battle.

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Playtime is Rewarding

Maybe you think you don't like to play with your children.

Maybe you think it's boring, or you don't remember how, or you just can't get into the flow of it. Maybe you try, but are easily distracted by your phone, your dog, the lint in your bellybutton.

I get that, I really do. Sometimes playing with your children is the l a s t thing you want to do. Sometimes you are TRYING to play with your children but they keep yelling at you in a language you don't understand because you are breaking rules they never explained to you.

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Making More Milk

Essentially, what needs to happen is that you commit to four or five days of working on this. Clear your schedule, hide your to-do list, and take a little breastfeeding vacation. Take your baby, a snack, a bottle of water, and some toys and books into your bed and stay there, all day if possible. Do pretty much nothing but eat, drink, rest, and nurse. If your baby doesn’t sleep well, get someone else to take care of the baby so that you can conk out for a few hours (beg or pay someone if you have to!).

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Turning Turkey Time Into Family Time for Kids

You guys I LOVE Thanksgiving. I think it is the perfect holiday...themes of gratitude and family with a feast at the center of the celebration, I mean come on! It's like it was designed just for me. I also love that it's non-religious so anyone can make it a part of their lives, regardless of any other personal dogma or beliefs. So, I know we all have our lists going and we've consulted our recipes and are stocking up on butter, but have you thought ahead to how to help your children through it?  Lots of people, travel, and a break in your routine, can add up to make it kind of stressful on the little people. Here are some tips for making this wonderful day truly full of love and joy for everyone!

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"Eat Your Veggies!" : Easily Incorporating Vegetables Into Your Child's Meal

A big part of our holistic approach to wellness includes diet and nutrition. We know that our patients take this seriously and are working to make positive, healthy choices around their food, but something that we don't talk about as much is getting the whole family on board. Someone recently asked Tiff, our resident Holistic Parenting Coach, about how to get more veggies in their little one.

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Winter Wellness for the Family

My family has been on one long loop of illness for the past month. I think the stress and busyness of the holidays coupled with the erratic weather had us all a little run down and vulnerable, so when the germs moved in, they were there to stay!

Well, I am ready to fight back! Read below for my plan to get (and keep!) my family well this Winter season. My hope is that by getting back into a few simple habits and bringing a little more focus on taking care of ourselves, we can ease into a happy, healthy spring!

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