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Tuning Into Body Intuition

It's likely that in the past week or so, you have been over-inundated by a constant and steady stream of advice, lists (and listicles!?), blogs, and motivational speeches of how to improve your life this year, and make it your best year ever.

There are lists for how to be healthier, happier, or lose weight; for how to find love, make your relationship perfect, be a better parent or lover or friend; how to get the job of your dreams, learn new skills, and be more creative; how to finally gain financial freedom and independence, and, of course, how to do all of these things all at once and live a life of perfect balance...  and, yes, even lists for how to keep your resolutions.

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A Holiday Feet Treat

During the rush and pull of the holiday season, one of the parts of your body that takes the biggest beating is often your feet. You’re working longer hours as business heats up for the holidays, or as you try and cram in all the projects and reports you need to finish before your vacation (so that you can actually relax!); and in your “free” time, you’re running from place to place looking for that one particular item, or crafting people’s presents. And that’s not even mentioning the parties. Office parties, family parties, personal parties - all dressed in your best, and probably not in sole-supporting sneakers.

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Keeping It Simple: Breathe

As we enter into the busy holiday season, I am reflecting upon what is the simplest easiest thing to do to enjoy the festivities and the people around me the most, and keep any stress at bay (I’m not one who by nature likes to shop or cook for potlucks, two things that holiday season often requires!).   If I had to pick one quick and easy thing that changes each day for the better every time I do it, it would be to start the day with a moment of deep breathing.

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The Scent of Relaxation

You may have noticed that sometimes we use essential oils during the acupuncture treatments… What are these scents? How do we choose which one to use?

As a fan of these oils over the years I was happy to find them in the treatment rooms. I enjoy sharing them and they enhance my day as well! At home I have used them in many ways: to relax, to concentrate, to uplift my energy and mood, to heal skin, to prevent sickness… overall I just notice I feel better when I have them around! 

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Moving Into Fall

Many people have a hard time when the weather changes and begin to suffer from allergies, sleep issues, and digestive issues. Here are some tips for moving into the fall season and maintaining the health that you’ve worked so hard to achieve:

GET PLENTY OF REST I know, it seems like a no brainer, but as we move closer to winter your body will naturally want to sleep more. Although our modern lifestyles may not allow us to sleep 10-12 hours a night during the winter, you can make sure that you still get an adequate amount of sleep. Remember, if you don’t have enough energy, you’re not going to be able to get everything done, regardless of how late you stay up.

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Love Yourself In Order to Love Others

Love is energy. It is energy given and energy received. Think about it. A positive, loving thought expends energy just as definitively as the action of lifting your arms to hug someone expends energy. There may be more energy expended in the act of giving a hug than in the firing off of synapses to carry this complex emotion of love around your brain, but both actions are utilizing your body's energy ... and energy takes fuel. And, although it is hard to conceive of, love requires a different kind of fuel than is commonly thrown around at it this time of year. (*Cough* Ahem, chocolate.) And so, in this season of love, here are a couple of quick tips to heighten your energy, mood, and confidence, to replenish your sense of well being and positivity so that you have love to spare.

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