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A Holiday Feet Treat

During the rush and pull of the holiday season, one of the parts of your body that takes the biggest beating is often your feet. You’re working longer hours as business heats up for the holidays, or as you try and cram in all the projects and reports you need to finish before your vacation (so that you can actually relax!); and in your “free” time, you’re running from place to place looking for that one particular item, or crafting people’s presents. And that’s not even mentioning the parties. Office parties, family parties, personal parties - all dressed in your best, and probably not in sole-supporting sneakers.

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The Winter Skin Blues

It's not uncommon for skin to be dry and flaky and just generally sad at this point in the winter, so I wanted to share my regime to keep your skin radiant and happy from head to toe! I have combination skin (sometimes oily, sometimes dry) as well as psoriasis AND rosacea, so I have tried many, many different products. Over all, I like to keep my routine simple, natural, and clean; these are my tried and true faves!

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That Dreaded Cedar Fever...

It's the dreaded cedar season in Central Texas. Here are some helpful tips to survive the coming weeks: 

Acupuncture is one of the most effective ways to immediately clear congestion due to allergies or common cold. There are acupuncture points that work on opening the sinus passages for easing blockages from over-accumulation of phlegm. We also work on boosting your defensive qi, which is in charge of staving off those allergens.

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Home Remedies for the Common Cold, Chinese Medicine Style

A little knowledge and a few basic items at home can help you be prepared to nip a cold or flu in the bud, and help speed it on its way out of your body. As soon as you start feeling something coming on, that’s the time to take quick action, and make some tea. Treating it early is key for the best results.

What kind of tea? That depends on whether the bug is giving you symptoms of “cold” or “heat.”

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