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Why Should I Take Chinese Herbs?

I frequently hear from patients that they are hesitant about taking Chinese herbal formulas, and/or don't understand the benefit of them. Many more people are on board these days with receiving acupuncture treatments, but Chinese herbal medicine is still underutilized in reproductive health. So lets discuss some of the benefits and the safety regarding Chinese herbal formulas.

Why take them?
First of all, the herbs help us, the acupuncturists, make progress faster. We make progress at each treatment towards correcting your diagnosis and improving your overall health, and preparing you for Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) if you are going that route. But your using the Chinese herbal formulas consistently allows us to continue making this progress between appointments. So taking your herbs:

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Improving Male Fertility

You’re Not Alone

Resolve, the National Infertility Association, estimates approximately 30% of infertility cases are directly linked to male factor, 30% to female factor, and another 30% result from a combination of female and male issues. A large majority of all cases of infertility have some male factor component. In cases where there are both male and female issues, the treatment of both partners is required to produce the best results.

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