Sweet and Savory Congee

Congee is traditionally a rice porridge popular in Asian countries and goes back thousands of years to the first recorded congee (made of millet) eaten by Emperor Huang Di.  It is more about the process of cooking rather than the grain that is used.  Long cooking times break down the grain until it is literally mush.  This renders it almost completely pre-digested so your body doesn’t have to work in order to absorb the nutrients from it.  This is ideal for those with digestive problems who lack the ability to break down foods enough to get the nutrients they need from it.  

So why is eating congee helpful for fertility?  In order for your body to function properly, produce all the necessary hormones, generate blood to create a good uterine lining, and grow strong healthy follicles (that ultimately lead to strong healthy babies) you need energy and nutrients.  The only way your body can get this energy is by absorbing it from the foods you eat.  The problem for many isn’t that they aren’t eating, but rather their digestion is so week it isn’t absorbing many of the vital nutrients from the food.  This is where congee is really helpful.

It’s good to eat congee in the mornings on an empty stomach so your body gets quick nutrients right away.  Because it is already so broken down you will often find yourself hungry again soon after eating.  Adding a bit of fat to the recipe can help keep you full a little longer and can add some valuable nutrients.

Here is my favorite Congee recipe:  The sweet and salty flavors along with the healthy oils help give extra nutrients to support blood production. It is simple, easy and affordable.

½ cup brown rice

½ cup steel cut oats

7 cups water

Cooked on low in a crockpot overnight (or about 8 hours)

After cooking add:

A few tablespoons of a healthy butter alternative, flax seed oil, or coconut oil

Salt and honey and/or molasses to taste

You can of course make your own congee recipe to suit your specific tastes.  Just start with 1 cup of a grain of your choosing and cook it on low for 8 hours with 7-8 cups water.  Be creative and add herbs, foods and flavors that you like either before or after cooking.