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Grow a Garden Tailored to Your Fertility Foodie Needs

The time for planting in Austin is ripe! If you plant within the next couple of weeks, you can enjoy a rich bounty throughout the summer and fall … and you know what’s even better? Several of the foods that are highly recommended by TCRA as “Fertility Foods” are incredibly easy to grow and care for, even in Austin’s intense heat. And, who knows, a little "fertility garden" project like this could maybe even provide you with multiple bounties … not all of them grown in the ground. ;)

Although the amount of setup and nurturing required to raise a super productive garden can be time consuming, some of these plants thrive without practically any assistance. The list I’ve thrown together here are of plants that are practically no-fail, even in Texas weather, along with some recommendations on how to best grow and care for them. Having these fertility foods at your fingertips will not only encourage your consumption of them on a more regular basis, but will provide you with the assurance that you are getting the freshest, most nutrient-packed food possible.

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