Recurrent Pregnancy Loss & Miscarriage Prevention 

Pregnancy loss, commonly referred to as a “miscarriage”, is one of the most heartbreaking fertility challenges a couple can experience, especially if it occurs multiple times (recurrent pregnancy loss). A miscarriage is the body’s way of ending a pregnancy that is not progressing correctly and is not typically related to anything the mother did or did not do. More than 60% of miscarriages happen because of chromosomal abnormalities in the fertilized embryo.

Miscarriage can also occur for other less common reasons, such as an anatomical or structural blockage (e.g. fibroid or septum), blood clotting disorders, infection, MTHFR gene mutation, progesterone deficiency, and other endocrine factors. Far less common reasons are environmental or lifestyle factors.

The good news is many of these issues are fixable and can be addressed through holistic medicine and a few lifestyle adjustments. At TCRA, our program for miscarriage prevention involves getting women as healthy as possible prior to conception and maintaining that health throughout pregnancy. 

We have identified a set of menstrual cycle characteristics common to women who experience recurrent miscarriage. By addressing these characteristics prior to conception, we are able to reduce risk factors that lead to miscarriage. In our clinical experience, we've found that when these cycle characteristics are improved, miscarriage rates decrease, even for women who have miscarried before. 

Our complete program uses acupuncture, herbal supplements, nutrition, and lifestyle interventions to addresses menstrual cycle irregularities that can affect your ability to get and stay pregnant, improve the quality of nutrition for both mothers and developing babies, and to reduce the impact of stress on the reproductive system. 

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