Postpartum Depression Can Affect Anyone... Even Celebrities

This week in the news, Gwyneth Paltrow admitted to having suffered from Postpartum Depression after the birth of her son Moses in 2006. In her weekly newsletter on GOOP, she not only talks about her personal experience with Postpartum Depression, but also has another mother and several doctors share their experiences and insight about this condition. The article is enlightening as
well as a good reminder of this very serious condition that is estimated to occur in about 10% of women postpartum. The article discusses symptoms to watch for as well as suggests treatment options. I feel that this article is a good opportunity to reminds patients (and their families) that acupuncture can be a viable option in the treatment of Postpartum
Depression. More importantly, this article has a lot of information for current and future parents about this condition so they can recognize the symptoms if they start to occur. The earlier Postpartum Depression is recognized, the sooner it can be treated so that the mother and family can return to focusing on what’s important – being a family.

Here are some tips for families dealing with Postpartum Depression.

1. Be kind and gentle with each other – adding a baby to a family is a big change and takes a little time to get use to. Also, you just had a baby! There are a lot of hormonal changes that happen in a new mom after the birth of a child.

2. It gets better! The first 3 months are the hardest with a new baby. All they do is eat, sleep, poop and pee and they need an adult to take care of those needs. Sure it’s not rocket science, but it’s still exhausting so make sure to take care of yourself (eat well, sleep when you can, and keep taking your prenatal vitamins). And if you’re able to get away for an hour or so to meet a friend for coffee – do it! Staying connected to your support system is important during this life change.

3. Seek help if needed – acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine are very helpful, and make sure to seek mental health services if needed.  Gwyneth Paltrow’s full article on GOOP can be read at .