Breakfast Bliss: Some New Spins on Congee

We love congee in our office. If you haven't heard of it, it's the slow-cooked rice porridge that we often recommend to patients because it's easily digestible nutrition that boosts metabolism to help build blood for the body to use. In China, I saw congee eaten everywhere with fun add-ins to dress it up because frankly, it can get a little bland. Congee is made in a crock pot using one cup of organic brown rice and 8 or so cups of water, cooked on low overnight (or high for 4-6 hours). The consistency is that of soup with the grains of rice broken down. Have a serving each morning to start the day or you can make a more savory version for lunch/supper. We recommend adding dried fruit, almonds, and a natural fat (butter, coconut oil, etc.), but I love experimenting with different add-ins and I love hearing how my patients dress up their congee. Here are some ideas:

  •  crack one egg into the pot when you're reheating, which makes congee nice and creamy, and has great flavor. A touch of cojito or feta or parmesan and some salt and pepper makes a great breakfast treat. 
  • add leftover diced grilled chicken along with a dark leafy green (chopped kale, spinach, bok choi) and mushrooms. Season it up with a little soy sauce and chili paste. 
  • add shrimp, some sauteed onion and a little cheddar cheese topped with parsley for a congee version of shrimp and grits. 

These are just some of my favorites. The possibilities are endless, and a great way to get protein and veggie servings. Congee is really a great fertility friendly addition to your diet, helping to regulate digestion and promote blood building in the body. Make your weekly batch on Sunday and you'll have it ready for your whole week!