Carry to term with confidence.

Dealing with miscarriage is one of the most frustrating challenges women can endure. There are so few resources that can help women who are struggling with recurrent miscarriage. At TCRA, our program for miscarriage prevention involves getting women as healthy as possible prior to conception. 

We have identified a set of menstrual cycle characteristics common to women who experience recurrent miscarriage. By addressing these characteristics prior to conception, we are able to reduce risk factors that lead to miscarriage. In our clinical experience, we've found that when these cycle characteristics are improved, miscarriage rates decrease, even for women who have miscarried before. 

Our complete program uses acupuncture, herbal supplements, nutrition, and lifestyle interventions to addresses menstrual cycle irregularities that can affect your ability to get and stay pregnant, improve the quality of nutrition for both mothers and developing babies, and to reduce the impact of stress on the reproductive system. 



Increased chance to carry to term
Improved chance of conception
Decreased time to pregnancy
Regular menstrual cycles
Improved uterine lining
Decreased PMS
Decreased cramping & clotting
Decreased stress
Improved sleep
Better digestion

All Packages Include

Complete nutritional counseling
Emotional support
Stress reduction strategies

Mobile app to track progress and provide instant access to menu planning, recipes, and lifestyle recommendations (iOS only)




My pregnancies were awesome.

“I didn't have fertility issues, but miscarriage was a concern for me as many women I love have experienced the pain of losing a pregnancy. I felt so consistently nurtured and cared for by every person I encountered, from the moment I walked through the front door, to the bliss of relaxing during my treatments.”

— Cheryl S., Austin

Our little miracle and a dream come true.

 I had experienced nearly three years of infertility followed by a difficult IVF cycle resulting in a devastating miscarriage. Once we decided to try IVF again, I wanted to do things differently to ensure that we would have a better outcome. Our daughter Madeline was born on August 11, 2006. She is our little miracle and a dream come true. I believe that she would not be with us today if I had not had acupuncture in association with this IVF cycle and early pregnancy.”

— Alyssa D., Austin

You'll be in the best health of your life, and you are worth that.

“A miscarriage led me to TCRA and it has turned out to be one of the best health decisions I made. They helped me feel "normal" after the miscarriage, helped me after I got pregnant again, and after the birth of my son with breastfeeding issues, energy levels and hormone normalization. ”

— Shari D., San Antonio


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